The estate belongs to the Rossini family since 1979, when Mr. Bruno, native of Veneto, integrated the growing of vines and olives with the cultivation of apple and pear~trees. Mr. Bruno rossini, with the help of renowned experts and collaborators, soon became a fine connoisseur of the soil and its qualities and even if at the beginning he just sold the grapes,  in the following years he couldn’t resist the temptation to express his own passion and competence by becoming himself a producer.
From 1995 the «Podere la Cappella» started producing its own wine with the excellent brands ‘Chianti Classico’ and ‘Corbezzolo’. In 1996 the company gave birth to ‘Cantico’ and started its expansion, thanks also to the precious contribution of Miss Natascia, the daughter of Mr. Bruno Rossini.
All the products of the company are  grown with strictly biological methods.

In the park of the estate you can visit the small church of  "S. Maria a Cerbaia", mentioned for the first time in 1043. The church hosts some very precious artistic works, like a painting of a Madonna with the infant Jesus oh the lap,  which experts date back to the end of the 13th century and some earthenware high relieves representing the way of the cross.